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Our vineyard

Our vineyard and our ecological commitments

Since 2006, Pierre de Colbert has taken over the entire management of the vineyard, following a family tradition of winemaking at Château de Flaugergues that dates back to 1696, and goes back to Antiquity. Relying on the latest technology and a sustainable winery, he is always looking for the delicate balance between modernity and tradition.

The Château de Flaugergues is HVE certified (High environmental value). This certification commits us to a sustainable management of the vineyard, to the preservation of biodiversity, to the prevention of pollution and to the protection of the soil through agroforestry.

Our vineyard
Vignoble Flaugergues

The vineyard of Flaugergues: a unique terroir, a design and sustainable cellar

With a surface area of 28 hectares, Château de Flaugergues is located in the heart of the AOC Languedoc Grés de Montpellier, on the Méjanelle terroir. Its soil of rolled pebbles (remains of the Rhone delta) benefits from a Mediterranean climate with a strong marine influence, creating a good balance. A dozen grape varieties are grown on the estate (Syrah, Grenache, Roussanne, Marsanne, Viognier, Muscat petits grains...).

Inaugurated in 2016, our winery integrates with the vineyards and the garrigue in response to today's requirements: technicality, flexibility, ecological standards and finesse in winemaking and maturation.


Wine Tourism

Taste our wine produced in the domain

Visit us at the Château and discover the diversity and richness of our wines during a tasting session accompanied by our cellar team. Take advantage of our advice to learn about wine tasting, recognize aromas and identify food and wine pairings.

We produce red, rosé and white wines in IGP Pays d'Oc and AOP Languedoc, Grés de Montpellier.

You can also find all our wines on the online store. Buy and receive our wines directly at home.

Taste our wine produced in the domain
Visite our cellar and vineyard

Visite our cellar and vineyard

During a walk in the vineyards, you will discover the ecosystem of Flaugergues, the concept of agroforestry and understand the richness of our land.

Visit our cellar, discover our winemaking methods and taste some of our raw wines. We will end the visit with a tasting of 3 of our wines.

Whether you are a beginner or an amateur, we adapt our visit.

Opening hours

October to May

Shop and tour “Flânerie aux Jardins”

  • Monday to Friday: 9:30 am - 6:00 pm
  • Saturday: 1:30 - 6:00 pm
  • Closed on Sundays and public holidays

Tour “Coulisses” (Château or Cellar ou Gardens)

Tour “Oenofoliae” (Château + Cellar)

June to September

Shop and tour “Flânerie aux Jardins”

  • Monday to Friday: 9:30 am-7:00 pm
  • Saturday and Sunday: 1:30 pm - 7:00 pm

Tour “Coulisses” (Château or Cellar or Gardens)

Tour “Oenofoliae” (Château + Cellar)

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